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5 Tips To Stop Wasting Time On Blogging and Focus on Developing your “Voice” Instead.

Content is business. Let’s treat it as such.

We all have read it a million times. Put out relevant content. Use relevant images. Search for what’s trending and try to replicate it. Use content curation. Repurpose popular topics. Occupy a popular niche or no one will ever notice.

Now, here is the bad news.

Last time I checked it’s 2015.

This means that right now, at this very moment all of the above can be increasingly done either through drag and drop applications or through a service such as curationsoft.com, curata.com, repubhub.com or by using any number of similar applications which make the job of a content “curator,” blog “repurpose-or” and post “recycler” increasingly meaningless.

Content is business. Business is about trust. Can you really build it by copying other people’s stuff?

What I find fascinating is that most of the blog posts telling you how to write an effective blog post today are mere copies of some other posts on the subject.

Now let’s take an imaginary trip to, let’s say 2016 at which point dragging and dropping popular content in order to “repost,” “repurpose” and “curate” would be the thing of the past and your presence won’t even be needed. At all.

What would it mean for your “curated” blog, your website or your business?

How will you be able to “compete” for quality content then?

Short answer: you won’t be able to.

So what is there to do? And yes, there is an answer:

Stop Wasting Time on Blogging. Focus on Developing Your “Voice” Instead.

The key word here, of course, is “wasting,” not “blogging.”

So, how do you stop the waste? You do so by focusing on developing your voice.

  1. Don’t Waste Your Time On Blogging Tip #1.

    Start by realizing that by constantly chasing the popular “voices” on the internet, you are losing the only one that matters: your own. And if you don’t spend time developing your own voice you are wasting your time by blogging. Moreover, if you are on the path of copying, organizing, reorganizing and curating content that already exists, you are probably on the path of being replaced by a content curation software in a very, very near future.

  1. Don’t Waste Your Time On Blogging Tip #2.
    Realize that if you are a true entrepreneur (business owner, investor, developer), you will never run out of difficulties, trials and serious obstacles to overcome. And this, in turn, means that you will never run out of quality content to write about. Funny how you can always detect if a person who writes a particular post is really a business person or a free-lance, pay-as-you-go copywriter who knows very little about running a business but tries to make it sound as if he does. Focus on writing about a particular fix in your business, as opposed to chasing the “trend” on how someone else did something for theirs.
  1. Don’t Waste Your Time On Blogging Tip #3.
    Realize that your own content (the one you actually paid for with your own trial and errors) is much more valuable than any content that is currently trending. Especially because chances are, the only reason “trending” content is trending is because it was recycled over and over by a great number of those who cannot come up with any original ideas.
  1. Don’t Waste Your Time On Blogging Tip #4.
    Don’t panic over your next content topic by spending your precious time searching for that next big thing to write about. Next time you are frustrated with something, or whenever something goes wrong in your business, chances are, it will make for a topic others would actually want to read. In addition, if you are a true author of your authentic content, one topic, can easily be expanded to another, which is a difficult task when you spend your day simply copying or “curating” content. In my case, by the time I am done with one post, I already have several new topics to write about. Since I am writing all of the posts myself, my biggest issue has never been about coming up with topics for content, but rather with having enough time to put all the content ideas up on my blog (which will probably be my next topic :)).
  1. Don’t Waste Your Time Blogging Tip #5.
    Don’t sell out. Write for yourself. Build your own business toolbox of concepts, ideas and shortcuts. Understand that even if it takes a bit of extra time to put together content that’s relevant to YOU, the time you spend on it is never wasted, simply because:
    a)      This would be something you can use over and over again for yourself in the future.
    b)      Preparing and posting your own, authentic content is part of your personal and business growth process. It is that “experience” coin (the one I talk about in my book) which can be cashed in for real money as soon as you earn the trust of your readers.

Truly yours,

Max Azarov
Authentic Spin, Author
YoloStartup.com Project Founder

Max Azarov is an software inventor, entrepreneur, author and a founder of several startups, including a Drugstore Max pharmacy (sold in 2014), a software company, as well as his current project for new startups, (YoloStartup.com). S.P.I.N. is a model designed for new startups where old rules no longer apply. Azarov is a one of a kind business guy who combines the experience of working for several Fortune 500 companies with starting his own businesses from scratch. The Authentic S.P.I.N. model is developed around the concept that each one of us has a potential to develop an amazing product based solely on our experiences and use the S.P.I.N. model to turn it into a money making startup. Azarov today is a proponent of the S.P.I.N. model when consulting other brand new startups and businesses he works with. Azarov holds a degree from DePauw University and is a founding member of No Limits Diabetes, an international non-profit organization designed to fight Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes in teens and young adults.