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The True Source Of Self Confidence

You can’t sell anything if you don’t have confidence, they say. Fake it until you make it, they say. But can you truly “fake it until you make it”? And how do you “fake” truly authentic confidence? Is it even possible?

The answer is both “No” and “Yes.”

On one hand, confidence cannot be faked because it is either you have it or you don’t. Whenever you are trying to project something you don’t have, it comes off as awkward and unnatural, so even if you try to “fake” your confidence, your inconfidence will immediately be apparent to your potential consumer.

So how do you get confidence? Is there a method? Is there a book I should read?

There are no effective books about confidence. Just like there are no effective books on how to appear smart and knowledgeable. It’s either you are smart or you ain’t. True confidence is a result of accumulated experience. The more of it you have, the more confident you are. So, the only thing I can recommend here is this.

Imagine your confidence in any given situation as a big bottle of a very bitter beverage on that top shelf of your favorite bar and the only way to be completely confident about something is to, everntially, drink the bottle to the very end, one shot at a time. Each shot, of course, being a new experience, new sales call, new contact or that new customer presentation. The more “shots”  in life you will take, the more confident you will get. The very first shot of bitter “Confidence” will not make you much more confident than you last one and yet, all of the shots combined will give you everything you need to be authentically confident!

Authentically yours,

Max Azarov
Author, “Authentic Spin”


Max Azarov is an software inventor, entrepreneur, author and a founder of several startups, including a Drugstore Max pharmacy (sold in 2014), a software company, as well as his current project for new startups, (YoloStartup.com). S.P.I.N. is a model designed for new startups where old rules no longer apply. Azarov is a one of a kind business guy who combines the experience of working for several Fortune 500 companies with starting his own businesses from scratch. The Authentic S.P.I.N. model is developed around the concept that each one of us has a potential to develop an amazing product based solely on our experiences and use the S.P.I.N. model to turn it into a money making startup. Azarov today is a proponent of the S.P.I.N. model when consulting other brand new startups and businesses he works with. Azarov holds a degree from DePauw University and is a founding member of No Limits Diabetes, an international non-profit organization designed to fight Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes in teens and young adults.