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The L.U.N.A. Theory

Immediate is the name of the game.  Throughout the history of humanity we as humans have been cashing in on products that make our gratification more and more immediate.

From the proverbial wheel that made the transporting of physical goods faster thousands of years ago, to today’s YouTube that gave us the ability to transport visual and technical information faster and faster, what possibly could be the downside? Let’s dig deeper.

Apparently, as we now know, the first successful person to use a wheel for their startup was…

Nope. Sorry. We don’t have the answer. Just like we don’t know the first person to use YouTube or Twitter to promote his or her startup just several years back. And that reason is: businesses of similar nature are drowning in competition with other early adopters of new technology.

What we know is that any technological invention spreads with the speed of information. This means that newer and newer systems (YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, VideoConferencing, WhatsApp, you name it) designed to expedite the speed with which the information travels, create more and more competition (sometimes in places where competition has never even existed before) and it creates a major problem.

The obvious question: what can I do?

Is there a solution? Or should we succumb to an idea that being run over by our competitor is only a matter of our competitor adopting a new technology that allows for a more immediate consumer access?  

Just because your competitors information can travel faster, be delivered faster, or downloaded faster and at lower costs does not necessarily mean that it is actually worthy of faster travel, delivery, or download.

And here it important to hit a metaphorical pause button.

As we see from empirical evidence, the paradox of instant gratification lies in the inescapable fact that everything that takes an instant to achieve can never gratify us for more than an instant.

So, the solution here is simple. For gratification to be truly gratifying for our customers, provided that all other things are equal (and I am talking from experience here) it will require two things.

One. A truly AUTHENTIC approach to your project.

Two. A rather significant amount of time, effort and resources applied to the process of developing, beta-testing, implementing, marketing, and properly selling your product to your target audience. It may, inevitably, require a great amount of emotional ups and downs, as well as, possibly, closet to 10 times more resources than you have ever imagined and 100 times more business and life lessons than you ever anticipated learning.

While adopting new internet-based technologies, keep emphasis on AUTHENTICITY and QUALITY of your product (through constant improvement, discounted trial offers, real customer beta-testing, etc,), and the rewards will be truly gratifying at the end in any competition setting.  

And so, in conclusion, remember L.U.N.A. (or moon in Russian, and coincidentally, in Spanish).

Look Up, Not Around!

Don’t look at that guy who climbed up that radio tower in Russia and got an instant 1,000,000 views worth of new traffic to his YouTube channel.  Any attempt to copy that in order to generate similar amount of website traffic most likely will be a waste of time for anyone, since it will no longer be neither unique, nor authentic. Nor particularly practical. Let’s focus on what it is YOU do.

Focus much of your mind, your energy and resources as necessary to work to create something uniquely yours, something uniquely authentic and then spend time polishing and marketing what you have to offer.

No matter how much faster the world appears to spin around us, a truly great and authentic idea combined with your ability to put in the necessary time to make things as useful as possible for your consumer will always do the trick.

Authentically yours,

Max Azarov
Author of “Authentic Spin”



Max Azarov is an software inventor, entrepreneur, author and a founder of several startups, including a Drugstore Max pharmacy (sold in 2014), a software company, as well as his current project for new startups, (YoloStartup.com). S.P.I.N. is a model designed for new startups where old rules no longer apply. Azarov is a one of a kind business guy who combines the experience of working for several Fortune 500 companies with starting his own businesses from scratch. The Authentic S.P.I.N. model is developed around the concept that each one of us has a potential to develop an amazing product based solely on our experiences and use the S.P.I.N. model to turn it into a money making startup. Azarov today is a proponent of the S.P.I.N. model when consulting other brand new startups and businesses he works with. Azarov holds a degree from DePauw University and is a founding member of No Limits Diabetes, an international non-profit organization designed to fight Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes in teens and young adults.